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Here you’ll find all the latest news and views on our Changing Climate, Energy uses, Natural Disasters, Climate policies and Green technology-resources



The Nature, from ocean to mountain or from desert to jungle with its vibrant and most importantly its threatened lives, or, what it includes, you may find it here with the latest updates happening throughout mother earth. Subscribe


Changing Climate

The category aims to uphold the understanding of climate science, data-researches, climate debates etc. Get updates on sea level rise, CO2 concentration, rising temperature and so on. Subscribe



The word disaster carries itself the cluster of man-made or natural phenomenon that happen around the globe. You’ll find updates of earthquake, tsunami, Flood, wildfires, drought, cyclones, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, heat wave etc. Subscribe


Finance & Politics

This Category will focus on how nations are dealing with the changing climate. What steps are being taken by the Nations of the world. How new kind of politics and diplomacy coming to existence. And what’s happening in the economic sector to make earth livable and beautiful. Subscribe



Energy consumption and distribution is a big part of our Changing Climate. In this section you’ll get update on Energy issue. It includes both Green Energy of the future and Dark Energy of the past. Subscribe


Green Living

This category will focus on several activities, for instance, how people live on earth making their surroundings green and beautiful. It may include everyday life or travel. It may also include green technologies that have no harm to the ecosystems. Subscribe


Call for Change

It’s all about peoples’ movements or activism that have a call for making mother earth livable. Get updates on Climate movements, Movies or Book review related to climate change. Subscribe