Houston Resident Comes Back To Flood-Hit Home, Finds 9-Foot Alligator Inside

On Friday, Texas resident Brian Foster returned to his home in Harris County to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. As he walked around the house with a clean-up crew, a scary intruder greeted him in the dining room. A giant alligator sitting right under the dining table.

The homeowner immediately called 911 who then informed the wildlife department. It took several wildlife officials about 20 minutes to capture the 9-foot-long reptile. With its mouth taped shut, they lifted the alligator and placed it in the back of a vehicle. The Harris County Police Department tweeted that the animal would be taken back to its natural habitat.

Several animals have been displaced after Hurricane Harvey made landfall as many people were forced to leave behind their pets.

An alligator farm in Houston expressed worry that its 350 reptiles could swim out of their enclosures if the floodwater kept rising.

Last week, another dangerous encounter with the reptile was reported when a Texas woman filmed two alligators swimming in her flooded backyard.

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