Extremely RARE: Biggest snowfall in the Chilean capital in 46 years leaves 1 dead

It was a mixed feeling in Chilean Capital Santiago, with some residents upset and complaining about blocked roads and downed power lines, while others making fun in the street. Making snowmen or enjoying snowball fight. All this happened as Chile’s capital was blanketed this weekend by the biggest snowfall in decades.

A boy plays in the snow during an unusual snowfall at Santiago, Chile July 15, 2017. REUTERS

Tens of thousands of people had their power knocked out in Santiago’s metropolitan area with some parts receiving up to 40 centimeters (16 inches) of the white stuff, according to the National Emergency Office. One person died and tens of thousands were left in the dark and shivering in the southern hemisphere winter following a rare snowfall in the Chilean capital Santiago on Saturday.

A worker died trying to clear ice, while two people were injured when they were electrocuted by a fallen power line, city officials told local media.

But mostly people were making fun and enjoying this rare event. Many headed outdoors to hurl snowballs and build snowmen. Chile’s Meteorological Office said it was the biggest snowfall in the capital in 46 years.

The blackouts were mainly caused by trees and branches falling on power lines, officials said. The city of seven million has been enduring in the past days a cold snap, with temperatures plunging below the freezing point.

Several football games, including some Copa Chile tournament games, were postponed until further notice, the Professional Football association said on their social media accounts.

The Chilean national weather service said that lighter amounts of snow and wet snow could still fall on the city.

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