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WetLand, an artwork about rising waters, sinks in a Philadelphia river


Wetland, a floating piece of artwork designed to generate consent about climate change has sunk in a Philadelphia river caused by a heavy rain. It has been learned that environmentalist artist Mary Mattingly has designed the installation work for creating awareness about sea level rise and climate change as well. It was inspired by the pictures of the semi-submerged house ...

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Sea Level Rise: The Most evident Sign Of Climate Change

Clearly, sea level rise is one of the most alarming signs of climate change. Due to various factors, earth’s oceans have expanded to such an extent that they have started disrupting lives on land. Here are some anecdotes on sea level rise. Why they’re expanding: Increased ocean temperatures is one of the key factors behind the seawater rising. The  increased ...

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Trump Administration removes climate change language from news release

A group of scientists, 3 of them working for the US Geological Survey published a paper on Thursday. The paper highlighted the link between sea level rise and global climate change, claiming that previous studies have undermined the risk imposed on coastal communities due to flooding. Three of the authors are now claiming that a line that discussed the role ...

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Sea Level Rise Tripled In Last Two Decades

A recent analysis has showed that the pace of rise in sea levels has increased to thrice as much as it used to rise back in the 1990’s. This also indicates that an acceleration in the pace of sea level rise is due to occur in the coming days. A leader of the study, German researcher Sonke Dangendorf said, “We ...

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Ex-leader of Maldives plans return to save sinking nation

He faces jail in the Maldives, but former president Mohamed Nasheed says he wants to contest elections and guide his island nation away from environmental catastrophe. Nasheed became the first democratically elected president of the Maldives in 2008 but lives in exile in London after he was jailed on terrorism charges he says were politically motivated. “I don’t think I can ...

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