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Heavy Flood Threatens To Cause Toxic Disaster Prior To Hurricane Irma In Miami

Hurricane Irma Toxic Sites

As Hurricane Irma nears Florida, one of America’s most contaminated toxic waste sites is at risk of breaking out. Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency is at work trying to prevent the catastrophe if the hurricane should hit the area. At the moment, they are evacuating personnel, securing equipment and safeguarding hazardous materials to ensure everyone’s safety as the storm closes ...

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Two explosions reported at flooded Crosby chemical plant in Houston


Two ‘serious’ explosions have been reported at a flooded Crosby chemical plant in Houston. Chemicals have been released to the atmosphere, officials say. The Arkema plant exploded around 2 a.m was at risk of exploding. One deputy has been taken to the Hospital after inhaling fumes, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Workers and residents with 1.5-mile radius from ...

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Trump to Texas as Harvey flooding worsen


Catastrophic flooding caused by Tropical Storm Harvey earlier a hurricane is expected to peak on Wednesday or Thursday in Houston as President Donald Trump travels to stricken Texas to inspect storm damage. Texas-bound Trump will show support for residents reeling from the impacts of hurricane-turned-tropical storm Harvey, and to assess the first stages of the federal recovery effort. But the ...

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‘Trump Forest’ growing bigger aiming to offset president’s climate destruction

trump forest

Globally 75,000 trees have been donated to the project so far. The reforestation project called ‘Trump Forest‘ is created by environmental activists to offset negative impacts caused by US President Donald Trump.  In March, three environmental activists in New Zealand who started the global reforestation project aim to counteract potential effects caused by Trump’s administration are Dr Daniel Price, Adrien ...

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