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NASA sees Comma-Shaped Tropical Storm formation near Wake Island

NASA image

A comma-shaped Tropical Strom formation about 200 miles away from Wake Island was observed by NASA-NOAA satellite. NASA sees the fourteenth tropical cyclone of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean hurricane season on August 11 shortly after it formed. NASA says the visible light picture of the storm that showed thunderstorms around the low-level centre and a thick band wrapping from the ...

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Earth breaks heat record in 2016 for third year in a row

Last year, the Earth sweltered under the hottest temperatures in modern times for the third year in a row, US scientists said Wednesday, raising new concerns about the quickening pace of climate change. Temperatures spiked to new national highs in parts of India, Kuwait and Iran, while sea ice melted faster than ever in the fragile Arctic, said the report ...

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