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G19 Vs G1: The New Climate Battle

A group of countries including Germany and France, and oil giants Russia-Saudi Arabia are set to muster what seems to be a joint defense against the Trump administration on the issue of the Paris Climate Accord. Now the question is, who will win? Observers watch with keen eyes as the major economies gather up for the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. ...

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World has three years to avert dangerous climate catastrophe, experts warn

In a commentary published in the Science Journal Nature on Wednesday, experts pressed that carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced significantly, so that global temperature can be kept well under 2 degrees Celsius, which is the main goal of the Paris Climate Accord, by 2020. Otherwise we’d have to face the devastating impacts of global warming, such as deadly heatwaves and ...

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EU In Potential Collision With Trump Over Climate Issue

Top leaders of the European Union vowed on Thursday to defend the climate accord made in the climate summit held in Paris in December, 2015. This puts them in direct collision with the new American president Donald Trump and his administration. The leaders of Germany, France, Italy and other big shot EU economies in spite of having long standing ties with Washington ...

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