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Hurricane Hilary and Irwin to Undergo Weird Fujiwhara Effect in Western Pacific, will create high surf in Southern California coast

An unusual, circular dance of tropical typhoons known as the Fujiwhara effect will happen in the western Pacific, as well as in the eastern Pacific Basin later this week, producing high surf along the Southern California drift. At this moment, there’s a trio of named storms in the eastern Pacific Ocean, west of Mexico. The easternmost combine, Hurricanes Hilary and ...

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Extremely Rare Event: Eight Tropical Cyclones formed at Once for the First Time Since 1974

North Pacific Ocean is experiencing a very rare and unusual phenomenon. Eight Tropical Cyclones are spinning at the same time, something that hasn’t been seen in more than four decades. This exceptional event occurred on July 22. Initially, there were two named storms in the Central and eastern Pacific Ocean, Fernanda and Greg. They’re later joined by Tropical Depression Nine-E ...

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Western Pacific expected to dance with year’s first Typhoon with Rare Fujiwhara effect

There are currently two active tropical cyclones well east of Japan. The westernmost one is named ‘Noru’ and the other is ‘Kulap’, located about 1,000 miles to the east-northeast of Noru. Some experts suggests Noru may essentially ingest Kulap. Then it can become an intense typhoon and either remain sitting in place or move a bit west or west-northwest into the ...

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