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Fight against “fake news” on climate change, says Paris mayor ahead of U.N. summit

Fight against “fake news” about climate change, the mayor of Paris and a leader in climate policies, said on Monday, taking on a favorite phrase of climate-change doubter U.S. President Donald Trump. Policy-makers, leaders and the media need to back “the factual truth universally established by scientists” that human activity is driving global warming, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said at ...

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Pope Francis Addresses Climate Change As A Threat To Humanity

pope francis climate change

After several warnings from scientists and environmentalists, now Pope Francis also not only acknowledges climate change but announces it a threat to human civilization. He told reporters, on the plane returning from Columbia, “If we don’t turn back, we will go down.”. He was asked if the political leaders of the world were to be held morally responsible for the ...

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Climate change likely to make Hurricane Irma much stronger: scientists


Irma, one of the most powerful Hurricanes in a century in the open Atlantic Ocean is likely fueled by climate change, according to the scientists. Scientists say stronger Hurricane such Irma is likely to be linked with climate change. Hurricane Irma made landfall on Wednesday in the Caribbean Islands and heads towards Florida which will damage so much property that ...

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Storm like Harvey should serve as a warning: Scientists

Though scientists are skeptical whether global warming causes the storm like Harvey, they say it could bring a soggy, record-breaking glimpse of wet and wild future. When the rain stops, Harvey will have dumped around 1 million gallons of water for each man, woman, and child in southeastern Texas, scientists say. They aren’t sure whether the tempest was exacerbated by ...

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US having its second-hottest year to date and 10th warmest July on record: NOAA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says the United States is facing its second-hottest year so far in 123 years of record keeping and tenth-warmest July on record. NOAA says the past months of this year saw above-average temperatures in almost every region. “Much-above-average temperatures were observed across the West and parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast”, NOAA reports. ...

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Drastic rise in temperatures, Americans are feeling the impacts of climate change: reports


The United States of America, the second biggest green house gas producer in the world, now feels the heat of climate change as the states’ average temperatures have risen drastically and quick over recent decades. The draft report carried out by the central government which is obtained and published on Tuesday by The New York Times says the recent decades ...

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WetLand, an artwork about rising waters, sinks in a Philadelphia river


Wetland, a floating piece of artwork designed to generate consent about climate change has sunk in a Philadelphia river caused by a heavy rain. It has been learned that environmentalist artist Mary Mattingly has designed the installation work for creating awareness about sea level rise and climate change as well. It was inspired by the pictures of the semi-submerged house ...

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‘Trump Forest’ growing bigger aiming to offset president’s climate destruction

trump forest

Globally 75,000 trees have been donated to the project so far. The reforestation project called ‘Trump Forest‘ is created by environmental activists to offset negative impacts caused by US President Donald Trump.  In March, three environmental activists in New Zealand who started the global reforestation project aim to counteract potential effects caused by Trump’s administration are Dr Daniel Price, Adrien ...

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Sea Level Rise: The Most evident Sign Of Climate Change

Clearly, sea level rise is one of the most alarming signs of climate change. Due to various factors, earth’s oceans have expanded to such an extent that they have started disrupting lives on land. Here are some anecdotes on sea level rise. Why they’re expanding: Increased ocean temperatures is one of the key factors behind the seawater rising. The  increased ...

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