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Fears Growing over A BIG ONE in San Andreas Fault, Here’s what You Need to Know

San Andrea Fault

On September 19th Los Angeles was rocked by an earthquake. Although it was a small quake of magnitude 3.6, it was enough to provoke some alarmed tweets and freak-out reaction GIFs. That same week, a devastating 7.1 magnitude quake struck Mexico, causing widespread damage and loss of life including in the densely-populated capital, Mexico City. Since then fears are growing ...

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Los Angeles to have emission-free buses by 2030


Known for its episodes of overwhelming exhaust cloud, the city of Los Angeles on Thursday declared plans to have a fleet of fully electric, zero-emissions buses by 2030. Authorities in the US metropolis said the venture, which includes the buy of 2,200 vehicles, would cost some $1 billion throughout the following ten years. “The present vote speaks to a huge ...

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Strom and heavy winds may wreck havoc. But it’s blessing for California

California facing major drought for the past couple of years. The reservoirs were dying out. But Mother Nature provided solution with an unexpected way, by bringing storm. Series of storms raise possibilities of flooding and wind damage, but the wet weather will also help fill California’s reservoirs that have been depleted over the years due to California’s lingering drought. More ...

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