Sperm whales stranded in Indonesian beach die

Four sperm whales stranded on a beach of Sumatra Island in Indonesia have died.

sperm whale 1

Locals in Ujong Krueng beach in Aceh province spotted a pod of 10 whales Monday, with one seen further out in the water.

Rescuers endeavoured to push the nine stranded whales back to ocean as many inquisitive local people looked on, some snapping pictures.

Four of them died and five were survived and moved back. While moving towards the sea, some of them seen with their mouth agape as little waves slammed over their mammoth bodies.

Aceh nature conservation agency head Sapto Aji Prabowo said they had issues emptying them because of lack of experience and equipment.

He suggests it could be a lesson for us on the grounds that Aceh is an intersection point for marine mammals. That allows them to be prepared to deal with situations like this in future.

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An official post-mortem will be carried on the whales to decide the reason for death. The giant gray animals may have taken after their pioneer to shore or lost their direction.

Prabowo said more often than not, sperm whales will abstain from going into deep water if they were sick. Two of them were wiped out. Along these lines, we accept the pioneers were wiped out and the others consequently took after the pioneers to the shoreline.

This is the second time over the most recent couple of years that sperm whales have been discovered stranded in northernmost Sumatra island, with one discovered dead on a shoreline in Banda Aceh in 2016.

A year ago, eight pilot whales kicked the bucket after a mass stranding on the shoreline of Indonesia’s main island of Java. They were among a gathering of more than two dozen short-finned pilot whales that had come ashore amid high tide.

The sperm whale, one of the biggest mammals on earth, can grow up to 12 meters and can weigh up to 57 tones.

Though this appearance on the beach is not usual, whale beachings have been observed in other parts of Indonesia.

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