Trump to Texas as Harvey flooding worsen

Catastrophic flooding caused by Tropical Storm Harvey earlier a hurricane is expected to peak on Wednesday or Thursday in Houston as President Donald Trump travels to stricken Texas to inspect storm damage.


Texas-bound Trump will show support for residents reeling from the impacts of hurricane-turned-tropical storm Harvey, and to assess the first stages of the federal recovery effort.

But the greatest fear remains as the total rainfall could reach 50 inches at the end of the week. The death toll raised to nine in Texas with the fear for more.

The historic flooding has paralyzed Houston, the fourth most populous US city. US officials said at least 30, 000 people are expected to seek shelters.

Donald Trump is scheduled to arrive Tuesday morning at Corpus Christi near where Harvey hit on Friday as the most powerful hurricanes to strike Texas in more than 50 years.

Later, the president will visit Texas capital Austin to meet state officials.


Experts have been remembering Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans and killed 18,00 people in 2015.

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