Harvey may end up being one of the worst flood disasters in US history

The catastrophic and life-threatening floods caused by Tropical Storm Harvey earlier was a category 4 hurricane, paralyzed Houston, the fourth most populous city, which could end up being one of the worst flood disasters in US history.

Isolated rainfall from Harvey could up to 50 inches over the next few days. There was a 2feet of rain in parts of southeast Houston in 24 hours, forecasters said.

Hurricane Harvey 3

The flooding has equaled what was seen amid Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 in a few areas.

Tropical Storm Harvey was set to dump extreme rain on Houston metro area, making it record-breaking and catastrophic flooding.

It is forecast that days of dousing deluges are ahead, alongside the potential for tornadoes and lingering coastal flooding.

The National Weather Service said on Sunday evening that “water rescues are ongoing and widespread flooding will continue, and perhaps worsen at some locations. Historic flooding is expected to continue in the Houston metropolitan area’.

HH rainfall

The average rainfall inside the Harris County Emergency Management area has surpassed that of Tropical Storm Allison (2001) in almost half of the time (2 to 3 days versus 5 days), according to The Weather Channel.

The 48 inches rainfall from the Tropical Storm Amelia in 1978 is the most rain from an Atlantic tropical storm.

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