Europe is facing extreme weather events due to climate change: Experts

Right now, from serious heat waves to severe flooding, Europe is facing a wrath of extremes weather events. Severe weather conditions have caused disorder and destruction in numerous nations.


Severe wildfires in Southern France, the worst in the country for over 10 years, have burned more than 7,000 hectares of land and forced the evacuation of thousands.

Italy has encountered one of its driest springs in approximately 60 years. Some parts of the country have been seen rainfall sums 80 percent below normal.

Ilaria Salvadori an Italian agronomist told journalists that “the misfortune in sunflowers, as delicate and durum wheat, is around forty to sixty percent. Sunflowers sowed at the correct minute are prepared to be collected one month before their opportunity.”

In Portugal, more than a thousand firefighters were conveyed to smother two backwoods fires in the areas of Castelo Branco and Santarem, which have constrained authorities to clear villages.

Specialists trust that these extraordinary occasions are caused by various reasons.


These extreme events are caused by various reasons, experts said.

Omar Baddour, the Head of World Climate Data and Monitoring at WMO, recently said ‘in the events that you look at the previous 150 years of record, you’ll discover few of such extreme occasions in the previous 150 years, yet in the current three decades, 30 years, we have been recording an ever increasing number of occasions like these.”

Experts say the developing number of extreme occasions is fundamentally a consequence of environmental change.

They warn that these outrageous weathers will turn into the standard in western Europe unless we find a way to lessen greenhouse gas emissions.

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