Californians Thriving on solar power, Electricity Prices Turning Negative

Today in California, almost 4.9 million homes are powered by solar energy. 52-year-old Jacquie Barnbrook from Los Angeles says that she saved a lot of money and time by switching to solar energy. For instance, she now pays 150$/month for water and electric bill, whereas once she used to pay 400$. It can also be used to charge hybrid cars that don’t require any gas.

One other major benefit of solar energy is that it is environment friendly. Even President Donald Trump is now thinking about setting up solar panels on the wall he plans to build on the Mexican border.

In sunny places like California, the use of solar power is significantly increasing. As the demand of solar energy grew so grew the companies providing them. Some of them are serious and some are shady. Affluent homeowners can easily afford solar installations.

However, people are still facing problems when they think about installing solar panels. In most cases, money is not the problem. People fail to understand the concept of solar energy usage as they don’t find anyone who can help in this regard. This is due to the shady companies.

Soon these shady companies will have to surrender, because they would fail to follow the current rules and regulations. And then, only the dedicated ones will keep on running.

Solar installations have increased from 10 per month to 120 per month. And every installation costs around 15,000$ to 20,000$. This is not limited to just California. Solar installations have increased in other states also. In fact, the cost of solar installation is coming down gradually.

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This statistics show that the promise of producing 50% of electricity from renewable resources will be possible by the year 2030.

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