Vietnam flash floods and landslides kill at least 37 people, 40 more missing

Flood and landslides caused by heavy rain killed at least 37 people in Vietnam, the disaster prevention agency said on Thursday.

The death toll was one of the highest ever recorded in the country that was caused by flooding.


There are another 40 people missing and thousands have been evacuated after rain caused landslides and flooding, mostly in northern and central Vietnam.

It is reported that the disaster injured at least 21 people and damaged more than 1,000 houses, submerged another 16,740 homes. Crops in six central and northern provinces have been underwaters, according to the Vietnam Disaster Management Authority.

It is reported that the hardest-hit was a northern province of Hoa Binh where 11 people died and 21 others were missing.


State-run Vietnam Television (VTV) reports it is impossible to fight against this water, it’s the strongest in years.

Disaster official Quach Viet Hoang said casualties include four families whose houses were buried in a landslide early Thursday while they were sleeping, killing six and leaving another 12 missing.

Several rescue efforts have been employed across the affected region while some parts of affected provinces were declared the state of emergency.

Phan-Ba Dien said the flash flood was terrible. Water poured down from the hill, like a surge three meters high. Evacuations were ordered for 200,000 people in Ninh Binh province in the north.

It is learned that a tropical depression hit central Vietnam on Tuesday and brought heavy rains.

It is forecast that more rains are coming for some parts of northern and central regions as a cold spell is moving from southern China to Vietnam, according to the disaster agency.

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The country often experiences severe storms and sees several deaths every year from floods.


Agriculture Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong said it was the first time in a decade that northern and central regions suffered such a large volume of rain in a short period of time.

Rain of up to 50cm was reported over the three-day period until Wednesday in some parts of central and northern regions.

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