Mid-Atlantic likely to see rare winter-like coastal storm, high wind and flash flooding

An uncommon winter-like coastal storm for late July will cause flash flooding and bring high breeze to a huge piece of the mid-Atlantic and southern shoreline of New England.

The rainstorm will be abnormal since it will release consistent rain for 12 hours or more in numerous areas as it moves gradually over the locale. Commonly in the late summer, rainfall is constrained to a couple of hours without a tropical rainstorm.

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The storm will move eastbound along a zone of temperature diverge from surprisingly cool air toward the north and warm, sticky air toward the south.

According to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, “this kind of setup can possibly convey substantial precipitation and raise the danger of flooding,”

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It has been learned that the motorists from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, southeastern New York state, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware are probably going to face tough journey because of tireless deluges, overabundance water out and about and poor visibility.

Enough rain can tumble to cause flash flooding. Little stream flooding is likewise conceivable as several inches of rain may fall in a few areas. This risk will be most noteworthy from Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to Baltimore and Washington, D.C.Coastal low

Huge aircraft delays are possible at the significant centre points from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., because of a low cloud roof and mist. The main edge of the rain will advance from west to east.


Major League Baseball games from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia and New York City will be at chance for being deferred or delayed on Friday night and Saturday.

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Experts warn that the most exceedingly bad conditions around New York City will be on Saturday.

The steadiest rain will retreat to the mid-Atlantic drift and southeastern New England by Saturday morning. In any case, extra rounds of rain are likely from Saturday evening through Saturday night. Rain and shower could wait close to the drift for part of Sunday also.

Winds will get along the mid-Atlantic and New England drifts on Saturday and stays lively through Sunday. The hardened breeze will add to the coolness of the air for a period and make harsh surf and solid rip streams.


Enough dry air may blend in to permit some daylight over the inside mid-Atlantic, New England and the focal Appalachians on Sunday.

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