Typhoon Noru made landfall, batters central Japan with heavy rain

Heavy rain batters central Japan as a strong typhoon Noru made landfall in the western part of the country on Monday.

The meteorological agency said the northern piece of Wakayama prefecture at around 3:30 pm has been hit by the typhoon with gusts up to 162 kilometres (100 miles) every hour, after whipping up waves and winds off southern Japanese islands at the end of the week.Noru 1The storm, bringing overwhelming precipitation and solid winds, was gradually pushing upper east toward central Japan.

TV footages indicated high frothy waves crashing into barriers in Wakayama, while rooftop tiles were ripped off homes in neighbouring Mie.

Two weeks back, Noru was formed and meandered around the north Pacific in a circular course until the point that it reinforced and started heading for Japan. At a certain point it was a Category 5 storm, however, has been downsized to a Category 1.

Noru is probably going to weaken to a tropical storm later on Monday, as indicated by Tropical Storm Risk.com and be a tropical depression when it brushes past Tokyo on Tuesday.

Noru 2

It has been learned that Noru kills at least two men so far. Seventeen people are injured by the storm.  Authorities have to cancel 400 flights, mainly in western Japan, public broadcaster NHK reports.

The agency cautioned of “severe winds” and encouraged residents in the area to remain on high alarm against landslides and surges and high waves.


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