NASA sees Comma-Shaped Tropical Storm formation near Wake Island

A comma-shaped Tropical Strom formation about 200 miles away from Wake Island was observed by NASA-NOAA satellite.
NASA sees the fourteenth tropical cyclone of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean hurricane season on August 11 shortly after it formed.

NASA image
NASA says the visible light picture of the storm that showed thunderstorms around the low-level centre and a thick band wrapping from the east to south to west, forming a comma-shape.
At 5 a.m. it had maximum sustained winds near 35 knots (40 mph/62 kph). It was located at 17.5 degrees north latitude and 168.5 degrees east longitude. That’s about 194 nautical miles southeast of Wake Island.
Wake Island is a coral atoll, located in the northeastern area of the Micronesia sub-region. It’s located about 1,501 miles east of Guam.
14W was moving to the west-northwest and after moving over Wake Island is forecast to turn north.
The storm is expected to intensify to 45 knots (51.7 mph/83.3 kph), before becoming extratropical, according to NASA.

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