Hurricane Harvey will make a third landfall, Continues to Drop Historic Rain

Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas August 25 as the first category 4 storm to hit the US since 2004.  At least five dead and more than 1000 water rescues have been reported. Unprecedented and Catastrophic flooding continues to plague Houston and surrounding cities. And it’s not over yet.


The National Hurricane Center called the flooding “unprecedented” and said the storm, which crashed ashore late Friday as a huge Category 4 hurricane, would move into the Gulf before doubling back midweek, bringing even more rain.

Hurricane Harvey already affected many people and the worst is still to come. Catastrophic and historic flooding continues in Houston. Hundreds of people are trapped and stranded in rising flood water far more than rescuers can get to. Harvey already killed five people and 8 million are under a flash flood warning. Rain total could exceed 50 inches in places.

Meteorologists continue to monitor Harvey. Right now it is downgraded to a tropical storm with a top sustained wind speed of 40 miles per hour and it has dumped a huge amount of rain over Houston and Galveston. We’re talking about 25 inches of rainfall!

These areas will continue to get rainfall in coming days. If we look at the path of tropical storm Harvey, It’s going to swing out over into the water and with that, it’ll be strengthening little bit. But it’s moving very slowly will make a third landfall in the coming days. Because of that, we’re going to see rainfall drenching these areas.

Galveston could see another 15 inches of rainfall. Houston is bracing for another 20 inches of rainfall still to come. And add to all of that we also have a tornado watch areas near Houston.

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