Hurricane Franklin’s ‘Ghost’ May help form another tropical storm in the eastern Pacific Ocean

First Hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Franklin may affect the Eastern Pacific. We may call it a ghost of Hurricane Franklin. There are some areas to watch for further Tropical Storm formation as Franklin moves over Mexico.

Remnant of the Hurricane’s energy and moisture may help form a separate tropical depression or storm in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Franklin is now disintegrating as it moves over Eastern Mexico but as it moves into the eastern Pacific, we could see some regeneration and remnant upper level spin may help form an eastern Pacific storm.

Although this is not very unusual. We’ve seen same type of phenomenon last year. In August, Hurricane Earl crossed over eastern Mexico, and then once it moves into the eastern Pacific, It became Tropical Storm Javier.

Tropical Storm Franklin made landfall as a hurricane in eastern Mexico overnight Wednesday night and, despite weakening rapidly, will pose a dangerous flood threat for some inland locations into Friday.

After becoming the Atlantic Basin’s first hurricane of 2017 over the Bay of Campeche, Franklin made landfall around midnight CDT Thursday in the Mexican state of Veracruz as a Category 1 hurricane with maximum estimated winds of 85 mph.

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