13 dead, 175 injured in China earthquake: govt

At least 13 people are feared dead including tourists after a major earthquake of magnitude 6.5 hit the southwestern China, according to a government estimate.

175 were injured after the tremor.  Thirty people are critically injured, the Xinhua news agency reports.


Times of India reports referring China’s National Commission for Disaster Reduction that there may have been over 100 people dead, based on 2010 census data of the mountainous, sparsely populated region.

It has been learned that there have been over 130,000 houses damaged after the quake in a remote region of Sichuan province.


The USGS said the tremor struck in a sparsely populated area 200km (120 miles) west-northwest of the city of Guangyuan in Sichuan area at a profundity of 10km (6 miles), the USGS said. It had before putting the tremor at magnitude 6.6 and 32 km profound.

Jiuzhaigou County believed to be the most affected region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is best known for karst formations and lakes.

More than 100 people trapped there, according to the state-run People’s Daily newspaper. It says more than 38,000 people visited the tourist site on Tuesday.

It has been learned that over 600 fire officers and soldiers have been deployed.

On the other hand, earlier today, a landslide caused by heavy rain kills at least 24 people in the mountainous region of Sichuan.

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