Top 10 Deadliest Volcanic Eruption of all time

Volcanic eruptions have been destroying lives in land and sea since the beginning of time. And there’s no telling when a volcano is going to erupt. Here’s a list of the 10 most deadliest volcanic eruptions in recorded history.

Deadliest Volcanic Eruption

#10. Mt. Galunggung: The Galunggung mountains in Java, Indonesia erupted in October, 1882. The eruption destroyed 114 villages and killed 4,011 people. This particular eruption was a VEI (Volcanic Explosive Index) 5 volcanic eruption.

#9. Mt. Kelut: Mount Kelut in Indonesia erupted in May 19th, 1919. The eruption was followed by lethal lahars that traveled a distance for 40 kilometers, killing 5,110 people and destroying over 100 villages. The mountain range has erupted on a large scale for several times since then.

#8. Mt. Vesuvius: The infamous Mount Vesuvius in Italy first erupted in 79 AD. But after that, there have been countless more sudden eruptions claiming even more lives. One particular eruption that took place in December 16, 1631 took 6,000 lives and devastated the whole area. It was a dozen times worse than the eruption of 79 AD.

#7. The Laki Volcanic System: The Laki Volcanic System in Iceland started erupting on June 8th, 1783 and lasted till February 8th, 1784. The eruption caused livestock and the soil creating acid rains and emitting poisonous gas for eight whole months. The eruption killed 9,350 people altogether.

#6. Mt. Vesuvius, Italy: The infamous eruption of 79 AD. With a death toll of more than 10,000, this has got to be the most famous volcanic eruption in human history. It buried two prosperous Italian towns, Herculaneum and Pompeii. And expelled a deadly cloud of volcanic gas, stones, ash and fumes that rose to a tremendous height of 33km. The eruption lasted two days.

#5. Mt. Unzen: The eruption in Mount Unzen, Japan took place in 1792 and is recorded as one of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in the history of Japan. It killed more than 15,000 people.

#4. Nevado Del Ruiz:  This eruption took place in Columbia in November 13, 1985. Despite being a medium sized eruption, it claimed 23,000 lives, burying the town of Armero.

#3. Mt. Krakatoa: This mountain in Indonesia started erupting on August 16th, 1883 and lasted till the 28th. Two thirds of the mountain actually collapsed due to this eruption and explosions could be heard from as far as Australia. Spectacular sunsets could be witnessed across the globe because of it, but it also claimed 36,000 lives.

#2. Mt. Pelee: Mt. Pelee in West Indies began erupting in April 25, 1902, resulting in the final eruption in May 8th, 1902. It destroyed the city of St. Pierre, leaving only 2 survivors. The eruption killed 40,000 people.

#1. Tambora: Mt. Tambora in Indonesia erupted in April 10, 1816 and ended the eruption in April 15th. As a result of this eruption the once tall volcano that stood at 13,000 feet was reduced to 9,000 feet. It also resulted in making 1816 ‘the year without summer’ as the ash in the atmosphere reduced the temperature. The eruption directly claimed 92,000 lives, but it is also suspected have to killed even more than that a crop failure & famine was felt as far as Europe and America due to the eruption.

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