What Happened during 1985 Mexican Earthquake?

.Mexico rocked by massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake, triggered a severe tsunami warning along the coast of seven South American countries. Last time Mexico hit by such strong earthquake, was in 1985. What happened then?

It was a calm Autumn morning on the 19th of September, 1985 in Mexico City, Mexico. Like every other day, the city was just waking up. Some were preparing for the day’s rush as the streets got busy with traffic & shops & offices started opening doors.

Suddenly at around 7:17, everything started shaking. It was an earthquake and before anyone came to realize what was actually happening, terror took over the city.

The earthquake had a moment magnitude of 8.0 and a Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent). Within minutes, the earthquake devastated the Greater Mexico City.

A couple of more aftershocks came the next day, on the 20th off the coast along the Middle America Trench.

Mexico is quite used to having earthquakes every now and then. With most of its volcanic and seismic activity stemming from the movement of the North American plate against the Cocos and Pacific plates, making it one of the most active trenches in the world.

Earthquakes with magnitudes around 4.0 occur as frequently as 90 times a year. But the tremor of 1985 was the most terrifying and devastating one in the history of Mexico.

It almost fully destroyed the capital, claiming 5,000 lives, while injuring 30,000 more. The total amount of damage caused by the earthquake was not recorded, but some 258 buildings completely crumbled, 143 partially collapsed and 181 were seriously damaged.

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The earthquake shook more than the ground. The memory of it still traumatizes the ones who survived