Western Greenland is burning too, Isn’t it unusual?

First, think about the wildfires in Greenland which is mostly covered with glaciers and freezing temperatures. Isn’t it unusual?


But there are grasses, willows, shrubs, mosses and vegetation do live in some coastal areas where fires are burning through.

Reports said it is in the western Greenland, about 150 kilometres (90 miles) northeast of Sisimiut. With 5,500 people, Sisimiut is the second largest town of Greenland.

However, as far we know, it is not clear what cause the blaze. There is no prospect that the fire will cease within the next few days. The authorities closely follow developments.


On July 31, the ‘sizable fire’ is detected by experts around 90 miles upper east of the town of Sisimiut, according to NASA’s Earth Observatory. On the same day, a passenger plane saw the same fire, local media reports.

The Immortal News reports that throughout the following week, NASA satellites took everyday pictures of thick smoke spiralling up from the tundra which depicts the multiple fires burning in the area.

The European Union-based Copernicus Emergency Management Service says the biggest of the blazes believed to have burned several thousands of acres of land.


After analysing satellite data, the Delft University of Technology scientist Stef Lhermitte said: “As far I can see, the present fire is the greatest one recorded by satellites since 2000. I believe it’s the greatest on record’, the Immortal News reports.

However, Merritt Turetsky at the University of Guelph said, “There is no evidence that fires have been common in Greenland. so a large fire like this is unusual”, the report said.

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It has been learned that such type of fires in Alaska, Canada and Siberia where wildfires are not a common event.

On the other hand, British Columbia, southern France, Italy, Portugal and some parts of US have been experiencing the recent wildfires.

It is believed that rising temperatures caused by climate change will create more extreme events in future such as wildfires.


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