Turkey, Greece roasting under soaring temperatures

Record temperatures were experienced in many parts of Turkey along with forest fires in the Aegean region. 45.4 degrees Celsius temperature was seen in Antalya where tourists like to frequent. This is the highest temperature the resort city experienced till now. Even in Istanbul, it was 39.2’ C which is higher than the highest recorded in that area. People in these cities preferred taking a dip instead of going outdoors.

Forest fire broke out over 500 hectares in the Menderes district of Izmir. Nine helicopters and 4 planes were engaged to douse the flames. One of the helicopters crashed into a dam while picking up water, but the crew was safe.
This is due to a band of hot weather from North Africa. According to the meteorologists, this heat will soon be replaced by rain in the coming week.
Greece also faced soaring temperatures rising upto 43’ C. Ozone levels were high in Athens. Many citizens went away for the weekend and the remaining ones took shelter in the nearby beaches.
5 people died in Sofia, Bulgaria due to this heat which was around 44’ C.

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