US having its second-hottest year to date and 10th warmest July on record: NOAA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says the United States is facing its second-hottest year so far in 123 years of record keeping and tenth-warmest July on record.


NOAA says the past months of this year saw above-average temperatures in almost every region.

“Much-above-average temperatures were observed across the West and parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast”, NOAA reports.


It is learned that the Carolina and South Carolina had their hottest January-to-July period on record. Just parts of the northwestern United States were cooler than normal for the year up until this point.

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The long stretch of July was the tenth hottest for the nation since records were kept. July normal temperatures were above-average in parts of both the Western and Eastern U.S.

Besides, Bakersfield, California; Reno, Nevada; Salt Lake City and Miami all had their hottest July on record, NOAA says.


However, near-or-bellow-average temperatures were felt in parts of the Great Plains area, the South, Midwest and Northeast during the month July.

The July precipitation was 2.74 inches, 0.04 inch underneath the twentieth-century average and was close to the middle value of the 123-year time of record. For instance, Wisconsin had record levels of rain, more than 7 inches above average for the period.

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