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This category will focus on several activities, for instance, how people live on earth making their surroundings green and beautiful. It may include everyday life or travel. It may also include green technologies that have no harm to the ecosystems

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An epic solar car race begin across Australian desert

solar car race 4

An epic 3,000km solar car race from the northern city of Darwin to the southern city of Adelaide is expected to showcase new technology that could help develop future commercial vehicles got underway Sunday. The World Solar Challenge began across the desert heart of Australia with 42 solar cars with speeds of 90-100kmh powered by the sun. The World Solar ...

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‘Trump Forest’ growing bigger aiming to offset president’s climate destruction

trump forest

Globally 75,000 trees have been donated to the project so far. The reforestation project called ‘Trump Forest‘ is created by environmental activists to offset negative impacts caused by US President Donald Trump.  In March, three environmental activists in New Zealand who started the global reforestation project aim to counteract potential effects caused by Trump’s administration are Dr Daniel Price, Adrien ...

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Los Angeles to have emission-free buses by 2030


Known for its episodes of overwhelming exhaust cloud, the city of Los Angeles on Thursday declared plans to have a fleet of fully electric, zero-emissions buses by 2030. Authorities in the US metropolis said the venture, which includes the buy of 2,200 vehicles, would cost some $1 billion throughout the following ten years. “The present vote speaks to a huge ...

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Top ways you can shrink your carbon footprint and Help fight Climate Change

A report in the journal Environmental Research Letters of Sweden identified the top four methods of shrinking carbon footprints, but also warned that these are the least promoted ones by mainstream media. The report described a “missed opportunity” of public awareness about the most effective steps that could reduce carbon dioxide emissions which is a primary catalyst of global warming. ...

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Plastic-eating caterpillars could help get rid of the world’s waste

Plastic-eating caterpillars,pollution,waste

Cambridge University researchers have found that the larvae of the moth named Galleria Mellonella can munch on plastic and degrade it, just like their full-grown versions can eat beehive wax.  Experiments show the insect can break down the chemical bonds of plastic in a similar way to digesting beeswax. Plastic pollution is increasing every year, currently producing 80 million tonnes ...

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Sundance goes green as VR makers aim to save the planet

When consumers get excited about advances in virtual reality, they are usually thinking about video gaming, new and immersive movie-watching or — let’s face it — pornography. But a number of projects presented at the Sundance Film Festival have a loftier goal in mind — saving the planet. The annual get-together for indie filmmakers and fans in the Utah mountains ...

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Fresh water reservoirs bring hope to Char Kukrimukri

NURE ALAM DURJOY Life has turned around for the people of Char Kukrimukri, an impoverished union under Char Fasson upazila in Bhola district, since eight fresh water reservoirs were built in the area around a year ago. The reservoirs are located on the inner side of a 4.07km embankment built by Bangladesh Water Development Board (WDB), under a pilot project ...

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