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This Category will focus on how nations are dealing with the changing climate. What steps are being taken by the Nations of the world. How new kind of politics and diplomacy coming to existence. And what’s happening in the economic sector to make earth livable and beautiful.

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What’s the economic cost of a big earthquake, Mexican Government still searching for answers


Mexican government officials are still tallying up the economic losses of the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that caused widespread damage in the capital, but for the manager of a downtown restaurant, it is already all too clear. Sitting at the entrance of his Guapa Papa restaurant Monday surrounded in caution tape, Antonio Luna said: “This is a bust. It’s already closed ...

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Trump didn’t know a Category 5 storm existed! But he said ‘we’ve had bigger storms than this’!

US President Donald Trump said, “I never even knew a Category 5 existed” while speaking of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma at the White House Historical Association dinner. But he’s still ignoring the question of climate change and stronger hurricane. Pressed on whether back-to-back deadly hurricanes have changed his views on climate change, Trump dodged the question on Thursday by contradicting ...

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Trump administration doesn’t want to talk about climate change

Last year was the Earth’s warmest recorded year, the third year in a row to set a new record for global average temperatures. Rising temperatures are likely to increase the intensity and impact of major storms, scientists say, yet in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the Trump administration has resisted talking about climate change at all. Several key ...

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Trump to Texas as Harvey flooding worsen


Catastrophic flooding caused by Tropical Storm Harvey earlier a hurricane is expected to peak on Wednesday or Thursday in Houston as President Donald Trump travels to stricken Texas to inspect storm damage. Texas-bound Trump will show support for residents reeling from the impacts of hurricane-turned-tropical storm Harvey, and to assess the first stages of the federal recovery effort. But the ...

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Texas flood damage costs from Harvey may match Hurricane Katrina in 2005

damage cost

The loss and damage bill from catastrophic Texas Hurricane Harvey is already charting comparisons to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the costliest natural disaster in US history, which caused $ 108bn including insured losses. An insurance research group said on Sunday it was too early to make precise estimates of the damages as there was a forecast of heavy rainfall to ...

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Trump’s US notifies UN of Paris climate deal pullout

People hold banners

The Trump administration has formally told the United Nations that the US expects to pull out from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. The State Department portrayed its communication as a “strong message” to the world, after Donald Trump’s choice in June to leave the pact. However, it’s been learned that the move was played down by Nigel Purvis, who coordinated ...

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Petronas pulls out from its massive natural gas project in Canada


Petronas said Tuesday it was hauling out of its Can$36 billion ($28.8 billion US) melted flammable gas trading venture on Canada’s west coast since quite a while ago opposed by local rights activists and environmentalists. The Pacific NorthWest LNG project was greenlighted in September to fabricate a pipeline and two melted petroleum gas terminals on Lelu Island, British Columbia, a ...

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G19 Vs G1: The New Climate Battle

A group of countries including Germany and France, and oil giants Russia-Saudi Arabia are set to muster what seems to be a joint defense against the Trump administration on the issue of the Paris Climate Accord. Now the question is, who will win? Observers watch with keen eyes as the major economies gather up for the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. ...

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US pullout gives ‘global push’ to Paris climate Accord: UN chief

When President Donald Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Agreement on June 1, there has occurred a lot criticism. The USA actually comes second in producing greenhouse gases, China being the first. The President’s decision has made other governments to reaffirm their commitments on climate change. Countries like China and India are crucial for the success of the Paris ...

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