Wildfires in Portugal and Spain killed at least 35 people

Wildfires in Portugal and Spain killed at least 35 people as strong winds from tropical storm Ophelia fanned hundreds of flames raging through parched farmlands and forests on Sunday and Monday. A state of emergency has been declared in Portugal’s affected areas and about 4,000 firefighters were working to extinguish at least 145 blazes Monday Morning. About 500 hundred blazes ...

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A huge Antarctic ice hole reopens for the first time in 40 years

Antarctic hole

A huge Antarctic ice hole almost the size of South Carolina has opened up in winter sea ice cover, leaving scientists with a bunch of unanswered questions. The hole, known as a polynya, was found about a month back in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea as a group of Scientists from the University of Toronto and the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations ...

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Yellowstone supervolcano could blow faster than thought, wipe out life on planet

Yellowstone supervolcano 1

After analyzing minerals around the supervolcano at  Yellowstone National Park, Arizona State University scientists have come to a startling conclusion that it could blow faster than previously thought, possibly wipe out life on the planet. National Geographic researchers- Hannah Shamloo and Christy Till- analyzed minerals in fossilized ash from the most recent eruption. What they found amazed them – the ...

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Catastrophic California Wildfires killed at least 23 people, hundreds missing

California wildfires 2

Catastrophic California wildfires have killed at least 23 people and damaged thousands of homes, businesses and other buildings, authorities said. California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said firefighters were still battling 22 wildfires in many California counties Wednesday. Strengthened by high winds, the flames have charred about 170,000 acres of land, damaged or destroyed at least 3,500 structures and ...

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Fears Growing over A BIG ONE in San Andreas Fault, Here’s what You Need to Know

San Andrea Fault

On September 19th Los Angeles was rocked by an earthquake. Although it was a small quake of magnitude 3.6, it was enough to provoke some alarmed tweets and freak-out reaction GIFs. That same week, a devastating 7.1 magnitude quake struck Mexico, causing widespread damage and loss of life including in the densely-populated capital, Mexico City. Since then fears are growing ...

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Climate Change Is Making Us Sick: Claims New Book

A new book, co-authored by Stanford wilderness medicine expert Paul Auerbach warns that climate change is making us less immune and more prone to diseases. The book, titled Enviromedics, describes the frightening effects of climate change on health. It started back in 2008, when Jay Lemery, MD read an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association about ...

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Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico’s Guajataca Dam fails, forcing 70,000 to evacuate


  A startling current of water cleared through Puerto Rico after a dam failed at Lake Guajataca in the northwest region. Water was seen clearing through the regions of Isabela and Quebradillas after the dam sustained structural damage from Hurricane Maria. The area received about 16 inches of rain, significantly raising water levels on the 90-year-old dam. Earlier, Puerto Rican ...

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