Wildfires in Portugal and Spain killed at least 35 people

Wildfires in Portugal and Spain killed at least 35 people as strong winds from tropical storm Ophelia fanned hundreds of flames raging through parched farmlands and forests on Sunday and Monday. A state of emergency has been declared in Portugal’s affected areas and about 4,000 firefighters were working to extinguish at least 145 blazes Monday Morning. About 500 hundred blazes ...

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Catastrophic California Wildfires killed at least 23 people, hundreds missing

California wildfires 2

Catastrophic California wildfires have killed at least 23 people and damaged thousands of homes, businesses and other buildings, authorities said. California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said firefighters were still battling 22 wildfires in many California counties Wednesday. Strengthened by high winds, the flames have charred about 170,000 acres of land, damaged or destroyed at least 3,500 structures and ...

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Santa Rosa wildfires burn homes; force mandatory evacuations

Sonoma County Fire 2

Wind-whipped rapidly spreading fires burned into parts of Santa Rosa and Sonoma Valley Sunday night and Monday across Wine County, destroying homes, injuring several people and forcing mandatory evacuations. Firefighters are battling several fires in Sonoma County. It is learned that the largest of several wildfires was Atlas Peak fire which is quickly growing to 200 acres near Napa while ...

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B.C. extended state of emergency as the worst wildfires continue to burn the province

BC fires

British Columbia has extended a state of emergency until September 1 as its worst wildfires continue to burn throughout the province. With this latest one, there has been a third extension issued since July 1. In B.C., there are currently 138 wildfires with 27 evacuation orders affecting around 4,400 people, and 40 evacuation alerts impacting at least 20,700 people, CBC News ...

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Western Greenland is burning too, Isn’t it unusual?


First, think about the wildfires in Greenland which is mostly covered with glaciers and freezing temperatures. Isn’t it unusual? But there are grasses, willows, shrubs, mosses and vegetation do live in some coastal areas where fires are burning through. Reports said it is in the western Greenland, about 150 kilometres (90 miles) northeast of Sisimiut. With 5,500 people, Sisimiut is ...

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BC wildfires shaping the province’s records, bringing unimaginable hardship for so many


Dry conditions in British Columbia have triggered the growth of wildfires that have already burned 426,000 hectares with 820 blazes since April 1. By quoting the Chief fire information officer Kevin Skrepnek of BC Wildfire service, the local media reported that 13 new fires began Saturday, with 150 as of now burning over the province starting at 1 p.m. Sunday. ...

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New Study finds how wildfires create their own weather


Wildfires can make their own particular weather, the latest study has been providing evidence on what really happens. These deeper insights will enable firefighters and communities to understand the risk of wildfires better. The latest report published by Neil Lareau and Craig Clements from San Jose State University clarifies how they could assemble information from inside wildfire plumes, and it ...

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10,000 evacuated over new fierce blaze in Southern France

France Wildfire

More than 10,000 individuals were cleared overnight after another rapidly spreading fire softened out up southern France, which was at that point fighting monstrous blasts that have expanded swathes of woodland, authorities said Wednesday. The new fire came a day after France requested Europe’s assistance to handle the flares officially seething in the tinder dry south, including close to the ...

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Firefighters battle wildfire across southern France and Corsica

Southern France wildfire

Hundreds of firefighters were combating blasts crosswise over southern France on Monday, with one inferno spreading over 900 hectares of woods and undermining homes on the island of Corsica, Emergency Services said. Inhabitants were emptied from homes at the edge of the town of Biguglia, on the island’s northeastern drift. “The fire is extremely savage and going to urban regions ...

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