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Climate Change And War Pushes Africa On Top Of Global Hunger Index 2017

Global Hunger Index 2017

Although global hunger had fallen more than a quarter since 2000, recent events like war and climate shocks are causing it to take a u-turn again, and the first victim of this is going to be Africa, said an annual Global Hunger Index 2017 on Thursday. Among the 119 countries surveyed, nearly half had “serious”,  “alarming” and “extremely alarming” hunger levels ...

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Consequences of Climate Change: Poor Nations suffer The Worst

A group of experts from Europe claims that the poorest nations of the planet are more likely to suffer from the dire consequences of climate change such as floods, droughts, famine, and diseases as weather conditions worsen. German strategy expert Ernst Rauch revealed that 60% of weather-related deaths around the world were among people who annually earn $1,000 or less ...

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Climate Change Is Making Us Sick: Claims New Book

A new book, co-authored by Stanford wilderness medicine expert Paul Auerbach warns that climate change is making us less immune and more prone to diseases. The book, titled Enviromedics, describes the frightening effects of climate change on health. It started back in 2008, when Jay Lemery, MD read an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association about ...

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Extreme heat – an “unseen threat” – burns U.S. urban poor

When scorching heat descends on New York City in the summer, Harlem resident Evelyn Jenkins-Smith finds breathing difficult when she goes outside. “My chest feels heavy,” said the retiree, who suffered a minor stroke two years ago. So the 73-year-old widow cloisters herself in her sweltering apartment, which lacks air conditioning. Jenkins-Smith is among the growing number of city dwellers whose ...

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Climate change has driven Australia to its warmest winter on record

Australia Temperature

Data released this month showed average maximum temperatures in the winter months of June to August soared nearly 2C above average. Climate change made the “exceptionally warm and dry” winter 60 times more likely, the Climate Council said in a report. The group has linked the record hot winter to “worsening climate change”. According to the report released on Tuesday, ...

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Climate change likely to make Hurricane Irma much stronger: scientists


Irma, one of the most powerful Hurricanes in a century in the open Atlantic Ocean is likely fueled by climate change, according to the scientists. Scientists say stronger Hurricane such Irma is likely to be linked with climate change. Hurricane Irma made landfall on Wednesday in the Caribbean Islands and heads towards Florida which will damage so much property that ...

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Storm like Harvey should serve as a warning: Scientists

Though scientists are skeptical whether global warming causes the storm like Harvey, they say it could bring a soggy, record-breaking glimpse of wet and wild future. When the rain stops, Harvey will have dumped around 1 million gallons of water for each man, woman, and child in southeastern Texas, scientists say. They aren’t sure whether the tempest was exacerbated by ...

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Western Greenland is burning too, Isn’t it unusual?


First, think about the wildfires in Greenland which is mostly covered with glaciers and freezing temperatures. Isn’t it unusual? But there are grasses, willows, shrubs, mosses and vegetation do live in some coastal areas where fires are burning through. Reports said it is in the western Greenland, about 150 kilometres (90 miles) northeast of Sisimiut. With 5,500 people, Sisimiut is ...

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