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An epic solar car race begin across Australian desert

solar car race 4

An epic 3,000km solar car race from the northern city of Darwin to the southern city of Adelaide is expected to showcase new technology that could help develop future commercial vehicles got underway Sunday. The World Solar Challenge began across the desert heart of Australia with 42 solar cars with speeds of 90-100kmh powered by the sun. The World Solar ...

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Fight against “fake news” on climate change, says Paris mayor ahead of U.N. summit

Fight against “fake news” about climate change, the mayor of Paris and a leader in climate policies, said on Monday, taking on a favorite phrase of climate-change doubter U.S. President Donald Trump. Policy-makers, leaders and the media need to back “the factual truth universally established by scientists” that human activity is driving global warming, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said at ...

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Pope Francis Addresses Climate Change As A Threat To Humanity

pope francis climate change

After several warnings from scientists and environmentalists, now Pope Francis also not only acknowledges climate change but announces it a threat to human civilization. He told reporters, on the plane returning from Columbia, “If we don’t turn back, we will go down.”. He was asked if the political leaders of the world were to be held morally responsible for the ...

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WetLand, an artwork about rising waters, sinks in a Philadelphia river


Wetland, a floating piece of artwork designed to generate consent about climate change has sunk in a Philadelphia river caused by a heavy rain. It has been learned that environmentalist artist Mary Mattingly has designed the installation work for creating awareness about sea level rise and climate change as well. It was inspired by the pictures of the semi-submerged house ...

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‘Trump Forest’ growing bigger aiming to offset president’s climate destruction

trump forest

Globally 75,000 trees have been donated to the project so far. The reforestation project called ‘Trump Forest‘ is created by environmental activists to offset negative impacts caused by US President Donald Trump.  In March, three environmental activists in New Zealand who started the global reforestation project aim to counteract potential effects caused by Trump’s administration are Dr Daniel Price, Adrien ...

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Earth to be warmer more than 2 degrees Celsius by the end of this century: studies

Earth 1

The global temperature is likely to rise more than 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit before the end of this century. Two different major studies published in the journal Nature Climate Change on Monday have shown the evidence. Analyzing past emissions of greenhouse gases and burning fossil fuels, one study demonstrates that regardless of the possibility that people all ...

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Monsoon festival celebrated in capital, calls for rain water conservation

NURE ALAM DURJOY A day-long festival towelcome monsoon was observed in the capital yesterday, aiming to raise awareness among people about rain water conservation. Organised jointly by WaterAid Bangladesh and Grey Advertising Bangladesh Ltd, the festival took place on the premises of Bangla Academy from 10am to 9pm and included singing performances, drama, poetry recitation, screening of cinemas on rain, ...

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