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Modern human civilization leads earth to the edge of destruction. Exceeding the supremacy over the people, human started to take control over the earth leaving her critically endangered. Mad carnival of absorbing and screwing the nature is going on, instead of co-existence between human and nature.

Fossil fuel dependent capital-centric society seeks more capital wherever it comes from. And thus, the lust of capital swaps the nature with lethal gift. Besides, bloodshed, violence and war have been continuing due to the massive extraction of natural ingredients.

However, leaders and policy makers around the world have been urged to think about the environment in recent times because the nature has begun to strike back.

Men create boundaries between them calling it a country or a state which is being used for some greed thirsty-people, for their own purpose. Virtue-fully, the nature has no boundary in it. So we see, earthquake evolved in Nepal, also shook India and Bangladesh. How ruthless is nature’s wrath and how men become useless, are clearly visible during the major disastrous events of nature.

Humans’ ruthless activities are recognized universally as the causes of frequent natural disasters. Fossil fuel dependent luxurious lifestyle of modern people is leading nature to the destruction. Since industrial revolution, so much of greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide, methane, have caused to increase global warming in a great extent. If this continues, the earth will have to face massive disasters in near future.

In this site Protect Mother Earth, it has been felt to raise voice about the climate phenomenon. Only environment related stories, writings, data, documents and disasters and measures etc. will be published here. Not only our reports and writings, but also environment related stories published in main stream media around the globe will have spaces in this site. We want to archive environment related stories and thoughts in a site.

Though earth’s weather and geophysical situation are in danger due to global warming, the environment journalism has very little space in main stream media. As a result, many important stories and documents about environment remain untold. We humbly invite readers to write any stories about environment.

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